We recently brought our dog for a Stay and Train and we are SO happy with the results! Our dog struggled with her aggressive reactions towards other dogs and children. She would often pull while walking and lunge at other dogs. She was very insecure and often anxious, growling and barking at the fence or window anytime someone walked by. After having an aggressive reaction to a toddler who was playing in our yard, we really knew it was time to get professional help.

After her stay and train our dog is much more confident, relaxed, and obedient overall. We had an in-depth conversation about how she was stuck in a “fight or flight” mode and we knew she had worked hard during her stay to overcome this. The training tips we received upon pick up have been invaluable to her success and have helped her realize that she is not the alpha in our house. Being placed has taught her to relax and be confident that she doesn’t need to protect us around the clock.

The training she received during her stay included how to walk properly, how to respond to every command, and how to be successful around other dogs. We weren’t sure if the e-collar would be right for us but after seeing it used and how she responded so well to it, it has certainly become an excellent training tool for us when she needs a reminder of certain things. (It is also a huge peace of mind knowing that she will respond immediately to this tool.)

I am very glad we brought our dog to Prairieburn K9 Academy and very thankful to Debbi and her staff for their amazing and talented work. Their genuine love for dogs and helping people is very obvious and appreciated. As a dog owner I am much more confident taking my dog out for walks now and having her be present in “difficult” situations that used to end badly (being at home with guests over, for example). We have a wonderful dog who was often perceived by others as “bad” because she struggled with her behaviour.

The Stay and Train has really boosted all of our confidence and has helped our dog on her way to finally overcoming the behavioural hurdles she’s been struggling with. We are also grateful to receive ongoing support which has been very helpful when questions arise. Thank you Praireburn for all of your amazing help!