Anthony Boldt

Owner – British Columbia Division

Ever since I can remember, I have always been intrigued by animals and how they think. As a child when I would visit farms with my family, I could be found with the animals studying their behaviour and what makes them comfortable around me. I learned a lot from the farm animals as well as stray animals that I would come across in my home town.

Through these life experiences on the farm I learned that animals are a gift and a privilege who speak the same language, have the same learning styles and needs of dogs. Helping dogs that are fearful, nervous, or anxious are my most rewarding dogs to work with. Being able to free a dog of angst and helping them see that the human world isn’t such a scary place is a powerful feeling.

My approach is to be the translator between dog and owner to offer clear communication so that both understand each other needs to reach a common goal. With clear communication dog and owner can achieve any goal by truly supporting each other’s needs by not only succeeding individually but also as a team. I love being able to strengthen the relationship between dog and owner where the world of possibilities opens up.

In 2014 I was looking for a dog to join my life that was naturally fearful to challenge me to further my knowledge with dogs. When I found the right dog (Charlotte) I started to get to work and implemented all my knowledge and the teachings of others I had researched. Cesar Millan’s philosophies connected to my own experiences and knowledge. I began to research and implement many of Cesar’s teachings regarding similar cases of dogs with fear-based issues.

I made great progress but still was missing a piece of the puzzle as I wasn’t able to reach the goals I had in mind with Charlotte, so I knew I needed some professional guidance to get me to the next level. That’s when I found Debbi McArthur Owner/Founder of Prairieburn K9 Academy and signed my dog up for her Board and Train Program. I was quickly able to achieve my goals with Debbi’s guidance and she very quickly became my mentor. I started to attend many of Debbi’s workshops and assisted her with training dogs in her care. I was excited to join the Prairieburn team and become a contract trainer when Debbi moved with her twins to BC where they attended hockey school and she pursued her business.

In 2018, Debbi and her family moved back to Manitoba and she offered me the opportunity to own the BC Division of Prairieburn to continue to grow the business and support our existing clients. In May of 2018 I officially became the Owner of Prairieburn K9 Academy – BC Division.

Continuing to learn from all dogs and dog owners I work with is really important to me, as I always strive to be better tomorrow than I am today and I believe learning should never stop. I have worked with over 1500 dogs since meeting Debbi with a variety of different behavioral issues and am excited to continue to my journey helping dog and owners.

Anthony can be reach at [email protected] and 778-214-6964