Heather’s Heroes Sidekick


FREE Shipping & FREE Online Course ($99) to teach you how to properly fit and train your dog to the leash!

  • The Heather’s Heroes Sidekick leash is the most innovative and gentle dual purpose, no pull, training leash.
  • One of the best leashes on the market which transitions from head halter to slip lead helping your dog move from a pulling dog to a calm dog!
  • Choose from many different colours and 2 sizes for small and large dogs.  
  • Most leashes don’t come with instructions on how to use the tool.  We will provide you a FREE online course ($99) to show you how to fit and quickly teach your dog the tool.

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Best Leash Ever!” – Michelle T

I have tried multiple leash / harness/ halter and this has been the best one . I let them choose the colour and it even matched the jacket I wear to walk her LOL” – Pascale P

I love this leash and it works amazing for my dog who’s reactive and had a high prey drive” – Shirley W

We have a 83 lb lab and it was from day to night using it, I am a 61 year old who couldn’t walk my dog because she would pull me so hard I was scared to fall, the first time I used it was a miracle she just walked beside me.” – Sherry W

This leash works like magic on our puppy! Highly recommend!” – Vanessa C

“I have been using this leash system for the past few months working with my Service Dog. This leash helped me slow her down working up to the test. Thanks for your product” – Earl S

“Love this leash and so easy to use” – Karen D

Brown dog wearing a green K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash | Prairieburn K9 Academy

“I have two very large dogs who are still quite young. I couldn’t walk them properly before. It was a stressful nightmare and they had to be walked one at a time or with two of us. These leashes just showed up and I’m so pleased! I can take them for a walk at the same time all by myself now. They are really learning not to pull with these. Great product, thank you.” – Kerry B

We just received ours yesterday and it’s already working wonders!!” – Melanie N

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1/4" Mini (under 10lbs dog), 3/8" Regular (over 10lbs dog)