I remember going to the shelter and meeting a dog that was described as “a very energetic dog who needed to work on not mouthing people”. That dog’s big ears won me over VERY quickly, I adopted her.
A few days after having Rosa at my home I started to realize that her energy would come out by means of chewing up my shoes, sneaking socks to swallow whole, and of course zooming around the living room. Also that she didn’t know how to play without using her mouth. I had lost numerous socks and had bruises and scratches on my arms in the following weeks because of the way she “played”. It was difficult to make phone calls or have anyone over because of her behaviour.
I was becoming frustrated and overwhelmed. I did some research and listened to some recommendations and contacted Debbi.
A few months after getting Rosa, I started training with Debbi and Hannah. Just after the first day I was able to walk Rosa instead of her walking me! After the training sessions Rosa and I worked on all the skills that Debbi and Hannah taught us. Things were looking up but I felt some pushback from Rosa and didn’t know what to do so I went back for a follow up session. Debbi and Hannah were able to show me the things I had forgotten. I also realized that Rosa needed a little extra help so I got the ecollar. It was night and day when we got back home.
The skills Debbi and Hannah taught me made it possible for me to communicate with Rosa what I needed from her and to teach her right from wrong. Now Rosa has learned how to be calm, be playful without using teeth and walk beside me instead of pull me. The experience at Prairieburn has been so rewarding and I can’t thank Debbi and Hannah enough!