Recently we added a beautiful German Shepherd named Mia to our family. We fostered her from Arizona, fell in love with her, and foster failed! Mia made the drive home with us in March joining our family with our other dog Zemi. Being a rescue, it was soon evident that she had some bad habits that needed correcting.

Mia became super reactive on leash, bounced around the yard and house at warp speed, played too rough and would run away any chance she got. Mia played too rough with our daughter’s dog (twice her size) and a fight resulted. Walking her became a challenge and when she reacted to a small dog by lunging, she pulled me down flat on the ground. I had enough and the search was on for a trainer.

Debbi from Prairieburn K9 Academy came highly recommended and after talking with her on the phone, the decision was made that Mia would do a board and train with her. We dropped Mia off on a Monday and picked her up on Friday. Well, I have to tell you, I wasn’t sure I had the same dog! Mia was calmer and seemed happier. Debbi helped me see that I needed to be calmer, have more patience, be consistent and be the pack leader.

Thank you Debbi, you saved my sanity with Mia! Two weeks home now from her board and train and Mia is doing great on our walks and is in calmer state. I find that I don’t have to use the collar remote that often as a simple “no” does the trick on correction. I look forward to continued training with Mia and hope to be able to feel confident enough to drop the leash on our walks. Debbi, your units were so full of information…I had several “ahha” moments and learned a lot from them. I would definitely recommend anyone needing help of any kind with their dog to call Debbi. Life with Mia is much calmer now thanks to you, Debbi! Even Zemi is feeling it too! Thanks again Debbi!