We were overjoyed when we brought Levi home. In our minds, we assumed he would be just like Capone, our happy-go-lucky Yorkie who loves anyone and anything… we were wrong.

As the months passed we started noticing some strange behavior from Levi and while we thought we were doing everything we could to nip these issues in the bud, we just couldn’t seem to get control over his temperament. He would lose his mind when people came to the door, he would never listen when outside off leash which led us to keep him on a line in our unfenced 5-acre backyard. He definitely did not like strangers or anyone new who came around…it was extremely disheartening and as much as we tried to fix the situation, his 140-pound body would always out power us. We had a trainer come to our house, we made a short attempt at group training and we watched hundreds of youtube videos. Nothing was working… and after consulting with friends and family we heard about Prairieburn and Debbi’s work.

We were dragging our feet a bit with actually calling Debbi to find out our options but the final straw came when Levi bit our elderly relative at a mother’s day dinner completely out of the blue. It wasn’t serious and the individual wasn’t injured, it just led us to make the decision now rather than wait another minute or until something worse happened. After all, we are hoping to have kids sometime in the near future and this dog could not be trusted around little ones. We felt it was important that we take responsibility and ensure that Levi did not put himself or anyone else in danger ever again.

After 2 weeks Debbi brought him home and honestly.. the transformation is mind-blowing. He is literally a new dog! He stays on his placement cot when inside, he is able to be off leash and comes when called, he is no longer nervous around strangers and he’s overall happy. HE’S A HAPPY FRIENDLY DOG!

Our household is now a calm environment and the happiness Levi has found in this whole experience is absolutely priceless. For the first time ever yesterday we played ball with Levi in our yard. Two weeks ago we would have run away. Life is good!

Thank you so much Debbi, we are forever grateful for the peace and joy you have brought to our family and most importantly Levi.