Bella & Hershey

Prairieburn K9 Academy went above and beyond our expectations! Our puppy girls were only 4 months old when we took them in for training (and really, it’s us that were getting trained, not them!) but Debbi can train all dogs of all ages.

Honestly, a lot of times I was almost in tears to see the difference in each and every dog from week to week. She is the female “dog whisperer” of Manitoba and we are lucky to have her here! We have and will continue to recommend her to all of our fellow dog owners.

A few weeks before training we brought our Bella for Day Training. We were all over the place with trying to get our 2 cockers to behave and not bark at people or other dogs on our walks. We were feeding Bella treats as we are walking (advice given to us from an independent trainer). She began barking when a neighbor said hi from her driveway. Bella looked completely out of sorts and stressed!

After training with Prairieburn K9 Academy they are calmly watching an MTS service person in our house!!! We were very reluctant to put an ecollar on our nervous kiddo but we see now that it is simply a communication tool.

We are getting compliments on how GOOD our dogs are on walks now, even from complete strangers! I was almost in tears last week when I heard a lady say, “good dogs!” as we passed by her and her dog. These are the dogs I’ve always wanted, I love taking them out and instead of feeling fearful when I see a dog/owner on-coming, I’m thinking, “We got this! They’re doing so great!”

Thank you, thank you, thank you Debbi!!!   We are trusting the process and loving our improved dogs