I can’t say enough about the e-collar. It has been worth every penny and so much more.

I can honestly say my dog’s recall is 100% with it on

It helps him calm down when he gets excited, whether that’s due to squirrels, people, other dogs, etc. He used to mimic the behaviour of dogs we passed on walks – if the other dog barked, he would bark back, if they pulled towards him, he pulled too. Now all my dog needs is a quick correction (sometimes just a verbal one), and he turns away and continues to walk calmly.

I can have him loose outside, on our unfenced yard, and I don’t have to worry about him taking advantage of that freedom.

I can correct unwanted behaviour without giving attention to the behaviour (eg. whining for attention).

It has improved his overall obedience (even when he’s not wearing it), and he comes willingly when he sees me get it out for him.

It’s versatile and it’s turned my “can’ts” into “cans.” It helps me have better communication with my dog, and that makes me a better dog owner.