Extended Stay & Train

Some dogs need a little more time than the Stay & Train Program when there are tougher behaviour issues that the owner is experiencing.

“It’s been just over 3 weeks I’ve had my 3 year old German Shepherd (Kruger) do the extended stay and train with Debbi. He was very reactive and lacked confidence and we felt like we were almost at our breaking point(rehoming) when I came across Debbi’s website and had a conversation with her I was so relived to know somebody was willing to help me and my dog regardless of his past. She taught him things I thought was not possible and our relationship has grown a lot. We can’t wait to see how much further he comes with months of the dedicated training we were taught, thanks so much Debbi!” – Krushelle Zeid

This program is also very convenient for owners who are going away for a week long vacation.

Our Extended Adult Stay & Train Program offers 7 days and nights of training living in a home environment with a stable pack of our personal dogs, where we teach your dog positive life skills 1 on 1 in a safe, effective and compassionate environment as well as any specific behaviour issues that you may be experiencing.

Your dog will learn how to be well mannered and walk on a loose leash, social skills with our pack, scheduled feedings, attend our pack walks and/or day adventures and much more!

On day 8 when you pick up your dog, you receive go home training (about 1-2 hours long) to teach you everything your dog has learned during his stay with us.

6 months access to support & refresher training which include:
– Unlimited follow up sessions at our location ($ if at the your home)
– Access to our Private Training Forum Group on Facebook and Prairieburn Online Course for 6 months
– Monthly paid membership after 6 months
– Free monthly pack walks for 6 months.
– Continued free pack walks with monthly paid membership after 6 months

Also included in this program!
– Training handouts outlining step by step what you’ve learned
– Training Tools – $150 value

Lifetime access to our VIP services exclusive to our Prairieburn K9 Academy clients which includes:
– Boarding
– Day Adventures (daycare)
– Grooming and more!
Training Availability
Extended Stay & Train is available with drop off on Monday and go home training the following Monday at our Macdonald, Manitoba location with Debbi McArthur

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