Online Course

Prairieburn 3 Month Online Course

See instant results in training your dog through our easy to follow Prairieburn Online Course full of step by step training videos and handout that fit into your busy schedule and allows you to achieve your goals.

During our Prairieburn Online Course you will discover:

  • A step-by-step process that shows you how to have a calm dog that you can take anywhere.

No more searching online through overwhelming information only to be more confused by the conflicting information.  Our step by step video, handout and support will be a game changer in your relationship with you dog.

  • Easy to follow lifestyle training that’s incorporated into your everyday routine.

Imagine training your dog while watching TV, eating, having company over and more!  Yes, it’s that easy!

  • An exploration of different training tools, why they were invented and how they impact your dog’s mind.  Best of all, you get to choose the tool that you like the best!

Deciding on training tools is overwhelming not knowing what is the best decision for you and your dog.  Let us help you by going through the best tools on the market, show you how they impact your dog and let you decide which one you like!

  • Access to our Private Facebook Training Forum for support networking and continued learning.

Join our network of over 600 clients who have trained with us in social learning and support.  Our Prairieburn family is here for you to reach your goals!

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Meet some of furry clients

“Cash is a young boy who loves life and wanted to smell everything! He discovered his walks are more fun when on a loose leash beside his owners instead of on his own pulling.”