Never Worry about Leash Reactivity Again!

Many owners believe their dog is being reactive on leash towards other dogs and people because they are aggressive, but most of the time the dog is reacting to the energy of their owner.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Let me explain…

Dog’s are very simple animals who gravitate towards stable energy to feel safe and confident. If our energy is unstable our dogs don’t feel safe and move into fight/flight state of mind.

To understand how we affect our dog’s state of mind we first need to understand what energy is.

ENERGY is a combination of the owners INTENTION and EMOTIONS

The owner’s intention and emotions need to be stable to have stable energy. If one is unstable, then the owner’s energy is unstable.

Here’s a simple example to help:

  • Intention of the owner – “I’m going to walk my dog”
  • Emotions of the owner – “I’m nervous and afraid that my dog will react if we see another dog”

Intention (walk my dog) + Emotion (nervous, afraid) = Unstable Energy

Now let’s adjust the example:

  • Intention of the owner – “I’m going to walk my dog”
  • Emotions of the owner – “It’s a beautiful day, I feel confident. It’s going to be a great walk!”

Intention (walk my dog) + Emotion (confident, relaxed) = Stable Energy

Dogs will not follow unstable energy.

Now that you understand what energy is. How to change your Energy to have a successful walk?

  • Create a calm state of mind before leaving the house
  • Position your dog beside you during walks not infront of you. Dogs are made up to follow a mentor not lead and protect which creates panic.
  • Use a walking tool that empowers you and allows a loose leash when walking. Tension down a leash brings tension back from your dog.
  • Focus forward with your head up and shoulders back – breath in nature, listen to the birds
  • Us your phone to listen to calming music to help keep your breathing calm

Now go enjoy walking your dog and stop the worrying.