Our Training Approach

Proactive Training Approach

Our proactive training approach teaches you how to unleash your dogs natural K9 potential.  Our easy 3 step approach can be incorporated into your everyday routine and busy lives. No more having to set aside time for special training sessions! We believe that every dog and owner are unique and we have experience and certification in many different training tools. During our training, have the opportunity to work with different training tools to see what you like and decide which tool you feel works best for you and your dog. 

Have a dog that you can take anywhere who is a well mannered member of your family and community.

We Can Help With…

Deb and CashLeash Pulling

Does your dog pull you down the street or lung at other dogs and people? We can teach you how to walk your dog calmly on a loose leash. Check out our workshops and other training programs for more details.

Social Skills

Does your dog misbehave when off leash around other dogs, at daycare or at the dog park. Join our workshops, training programs and day adventure days to help your dog learn proper social skills in a supervised, structured environment.

Aggression & Reactivity

We specialize in aggressive and reactive dogs. Whether is dog on dog, dog on human or both we are here to help. Check out our board and train rehabilitation programs to have the dog you always dreamed of.

Puppy Training

Let us help you recognize and address the first signs of behaviour issues and the importance of socialization. Check out our workshops and training programs to help you have a respectful calm puppy.

Fear & Anxietydeb sherman and sami

Are you afraid to leave your dog at alone in fear of the destruction that will be there when you get home or the complaints from the neighbours? We can help! Check out our training programs to help bring peace and calmness back into your home.

Off-Leash Reliability

Do you wish you could walk your dog off leash where they come back to you when called 100% of the time. Check out our training programs to have off leash reliability with your dog.

Jumping up

Do you have to put your dog away when company comes over because they jump all over everyone and everything? Dogs are social animals and want to be with the family. We can help by teaching your dog how to be respectful in your home. Check out our workshops and training programs to learn how we can stop this behaviour.

Daisy fwBarking

Are you getting noise complaints because your dog won’t stop barking? We can help. Check out our training workshops and programs to learn how we can bring peace and quiet back into your home.