Training Support & VIP Services

Effective & Compassionate Dog Training

Our proactive training approach teaches you how to bring out your dogs natural K9 potential by building a relationship of trust and respect.  Our easy 3 step approach can be incorporated into your everyday routine and busy lives. No more having to set aside time for special training sessions!

We believe that every dog and owner are unique and that you have a right as the dog owner to choose when it comes to dog training, techniques and tools.  We have experience in many different training tools and during our training, you will have the opportunity to try different training tools to see what you like and decide which tool you feel works best for you and your dog.  

After training with us you become part of the Prairieburn family where we provide a Lifetime of Training Support and provide help every step of the way through your journey with your dog.

VIP Services

Our VIP services are available for owners who’s dogs have completed one of our training programs or workshops.

Training Forum Group on Facebook

Social learning with over 400 step by step training videos for continued education.  You will be able to watch start to finish rehabilitation of many of the dogs we’ve worked with from “happy go luckies” to serious reactivity cases.

Live chats where you can ask questions and get instant 1 on 1 training with Debbi and her team in a safe supportive environment.

Have the opportunity to network among like minded supportive dog owners and trainers from all over Canada.

Have access to our Units sections with training handouts and presentations.

Be the first to hear about our upcoming events.

Day Adventures (daycare)

Unlike your typical doggie daycare, our Day Adventures provide structured socialization, pack walks, treadmill and continued training to strengthen your dog’s lifestyle skills while you are at work.

Packages are sold in 5, 10 and 15 packs which never expire and can be used at your convenience.  Please contact us for pricing

VIP Boarding

Our VIP Boarding is available for owners while they are away on vacation, away from town or busy with work.  During your dog’s stay with us we will fine tune their lifestyle skills with refresher training which includes socialization with other dogs, treadmill, pack walks and crate time to rest, eat and sleep.

Please contact us for pricing.

Free Monthly Pack Walks

Strengthen your leash walking skill with a trainer lead pack walk amongst like minded clients and their dogs.  Pack walks occur in Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg and Kelowna.  Watch the Training Forum Facebook Group for dates, location and times.