Lesson Handouts

Nothing in life is free? That’s correct.  Nothing.  For a period of time you will control everything for your dog to earn their trust and respect. So what are you going to control? You are going to control the dog’s resources. Remember you do this on a daily basis with your children and even your own personal resources are controlled.  This is very important for your dog’s physical and Psychological wellbeing.  Especially with dogs who exhibit symptoms of poor psychological adjustment.   If there is no trust and respect your dog may withhold affection from you and then demand affection from you at other times. They may bark or growl at you, refuse to follow commands or not allow grooming.  In some cases, dogs who are deprived of leadership, bite their owners and others.  This happens because of lack of confidence in the dog and they are afraid or are trying to explain “their rule” to the owner.