Day Adventures (Structured Daycare)

Available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday with pick up and drop off in Portage la Prairie so there is no need to come to us we’ll come to you!

During the day your dog will rotate between time spent outside on long walks in the county, downtime, mental exercises on a treadmill, learning new skills, placement/impulse control, leash work and time spent with dogs who match their personality.

Please Note: To be eligible to join our Structured Daycare your dog will need to be relatively good on leash, have no aggression, and be able to settle and travel in a crate. If your dog has behaviour struggles we have personalized training programs to help.

Space is limited and Daycare is available in 5, 10 & 15 day packages. You choose the day(s) you’d like your dog to join us and your package will never expire!