Group Classes


Train Your Dog in 3 Steps!

Included in Your Class…

  • Two 3 hour group sessions
  • Train Your Dog in 3 Steps Online Course
  • Heather’s Heroes Sidekick Leash
  • Size Appropriate Placement Cot
  • Access to Private Facebook Training Group

Be one of 5 lucky dog owners to join Debbi McArthur CEO & Founder of Prairieburn K9 Academy for 2 engaging group training classes with your dog!

During these two days, you will learn about dog psychology, how to have a calm, confident dog who doesn’t not pull on leash, has in-home polite manners with impulse control, and is a coffee shop dog that can taken anywhere.

Our proactive training approach teaches you how to unleash your dogs natural K9 potential.  Our easy 3 step training program can be incorporated into your everyday routine and busy lives. No more having to set aside time for special training sessions!

What sets Prairieburn K9 Academy group classes apart from the others is our one-of-a-kind approach to teaching owners about dog psychology, how owners affect their dog’s behavior, how dogs communicate with each other and how to mirror that communication along with being an advocate for their dog to create a relationship of trust and respect.

Coupled with personalized hands-on training the owners walk away with the knowledge and experience to have a dog that feels safe in the world and can go anywhere.

To ensure lots of 1 on 1 attention space is very limited with only 5 dogs permitted per class!

Up-to-date vaccination records will be required.

  • The Heather’s Hero Sidekick (K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash®) is the most innovative and gentle dual purpose, no pull, training leash
  • One of the best leashes on the market which transitions from head halter to slip lead helping your dog move from a pulling dog to a calm dog!
  • Choose from 5 different colours and 2 sizes for small and large dogs.