Do You Want the Freedom of Choice when Training your Dog?

Thousands of owners and dogs fail every year when it comes to dog training because they do not have the freedom of choice when it comes to training technique and tools.

The Struggle is Real…

All over the Internet, and from dog trainers, rescues, vets, family member and more is conflicting information about dog training technique and tools that leaves owners more confused on what to do than every before.

Unfortunately working with dogs and owners is not a simple equation and there is no 1 magic tool or technique. Each dog and owner are unique and so is their learn ability. As well, owners’ needs are different from one person to another.

When finding a dog trainer, it’s important for owners to find someone with experience in numerous techniques, tools, and behaviours. Someone who is adaptable and can change training strategies based on the owners and dog’s needs.

“There is no 1 magic training tool or technique”

Here at Prairieburn K9 Academy we focus on families achieving success based on their specific needs. Each dog and owner are unique with individual needs.

Our Code of Ethics

Honesty & Compassion

  • Honest, compassionate & open minded in our communication
  • Never judgemental to the owners
  • Owner’s did not intend on making their dog this way
  • “You don’t know, what you don’t know”
  • Be someone the owner and dog can trust
  • Help dog return to balance from the K9 state of mind
  • Educate owner on dogs need & how to fulfill those needs


  • What we share is based on our personal experiences working with over 1000 dogs. From “happy to lucky” to extreme cases
  • When it comes to rehoming – ask ourselves – would I adopt this dog – or give it to a family member?
  • Be knowledgeable in a multitude of training tools and techniques. Understand there is no magic tool

Client Focus

  • We are here for the owner and give them freedom of choice.
  • Give the owner options & control to make the decision about what they want to do with their dog
  • Be adaptable – If something is important to the owner, how can we adjust the training so that the owner follows through by helping the dog and can still have what’s important to them.
  • Creating training program that can be easily be added to everyday lifestyle and routine of the owner.
  • Have lifetime support to ensure their success