Free Online Leash Course!

Thank you for purchasing the Heather’s Heroes Sideck® the Ultimate Leash Every Owner needs which is the most innovative and gentle dual-purpose, no pull, training leash on the market which transitions from head halter to slip lead helping your dog move from a pulling dog to a calm dog!

In this mini-course you will learn how to properly fit and move your dog with the leash. We even have a secret tip to allow you to work smarter not harder as well.

Click on the following YouTube Link to learn how to size your new tool as well as the beginning of conditioning your dog to the tool.

How to Size & Condition your Dog to The Sidekick

Now that you have learned how to size The Sidekick to your dog and have had a glimpe into what the handling looks like we are going to go into a little more detail.

In this video we are going to show you a special trick of putting a knot in your leash, how to show your talk calm and confident body language with your arms as well as how to start moving.

Short but loose leash with a safety hold on the leash

Enjoy your new Sidekick leash and the wonderful walks you will have with your dog. If you need help with further training we have a great online course called Train your Dog in 3 Easy Steps which takes your relationship to the next level full of impulse control, loose leash walking, no more reactivity on leash or when someone comes to the door and more!

The course is on sale for $249 regularly $447 and we’ll ship you a second Sidekick leash and give you lifetime access to our Facebook private group where over 2000 clients from across Canada hangout!

Click here to sign up!

3 Steps to a Great Dog – Prairieburn K9 Academy